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Harry Potter | Lord of the rings | Kick-ass | Hercules | Spirited away
TV SHOW: Game of thrones | Sleepy Hollow | Lost | Penny Dreadful | The walking dead

· preview:
 photo 673_zps2279b11f.png  photo 685_zps39b65b3d.png  photo 705_zpse61cb4fb.png  photo 691_zps34b7791d.png  photo 707_zps54b01988.png

· movie

 photo 682_zps7ed2daa7.png  photo 674_zpsf495e2f4.png  photo 668_zps2a65b746.png  photo 673_zps2279b11f.png  photo 675_zps82f3596a.png
Harry Potter (x05)
 photo 672_zps898ce355.png  photo 679_zps5ce4e524.png  photo 683_zps042f7259.png  photo 671_zps44b69b89.png  photo 677_zps372c34d6.png
Harry Potter (x05)
 photo 678_zpsba391b06.png  photo 658_zps34c261d1.png  photo 657_zpseb5c4e86.png  photo 685_zps39b65b3d.png  photo 684_zps59d45d5d.png
Harry Potter | Lord of the rings (x02) | Kick-ass (x02)
 photo 706_zps774e2fe7.png  photo 705_zpse61cb4fb.png  photo 702_zps6e1b81d4.png
Hercules (x02) | Spirited away

· tv show

 photo 696_zps13b024f7.png  photo 695_zps2860e57e.png  photo 697_zps088d06f7.png  photo 698_zps3a08eb62.png  photo 699_zps9985b9e0.png
Game of thrones (x05)
 photo 687_zpsb867cabc.png  photo 663_zpsa6ef8529.png  photo 691_zps34b7791d.png  photo 653_zps7c98258e.png  photo 654_zpse7120236.png
Game of thrones | Sleepy Hollow (x04)
 photo 652_zps7df07fb5.png  photo 701_zps9b9dbc71.png  photo 700_zpsf258feac.png  photo 690_zps8981e91b.png  photo 664_zpseee1215c.png
Sleepy Hollow | Lost (x04)
 photo 665_zpsd0c274ef.png  photo 707_zps54b01988.png
Penny Dreadful | The walking dead

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