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TV SHOW: lost (02) | Hannibal (01) | Misfits (01) | Broadwalk Empire (02)
Game of thrones (02)
MOVIE: Monsters University (09) | Hercules (06) |
Hunchback of Notre Dame (01)
Lady and the tramp (01) | Mulan (01) | Robin Hood (01)  | Alice in Wonderland (02)

Harry Potter (10) | The Hunger Games (07) | The Hobbit: the desolation of Smaug (01)
The silver linings playbook (01)

 photo 647_zps4a6980f5.png  photo 633_zps0c2037de.png  photo 622_zps023fcb66.png  photo 628_zps1acf9fe3.png
 photo 611_zps1a2adfe0.png  photo 605_zps184ce6b2.png  photo 610_zps08f412e7.png  photo 613_zps9302fa56.png

I'M BACK! Most of the icons were made for contests at capchallenge, gotelite,
elitesimplicity, elite_inspired, lims_movie, disney_hush & thgelite

 photo 588_zps58036dae.png  photo 589_zps98429a78.png  photo 625_zps98c99994.png  photo 623_zpsfd8d54b4.png  photo 601_zps5844772f.png 01 - 05
Lost | Hannibal | Misfits | Boardwalk Empire
 photo 599_zpsa97c55bf.png  photo 647_zps4a6980f5.png  photo 646_zps8a8e5205.png
 photo 000_zpsdb5b95ba.png  photo 000_zpsdb5b95ba.png 06- 08
Boardwalk empire | Game of thrones

 photo 575_zpsaba6b120.png  photo 579_zps7f093b36.png  photo 577_zps8df0a18d.png  photo 591_zpsf419c559.png  photo 593_zps53645010.png 09 - 13
Monsters University
 photo 595_zpsa27bdb3b.png  photo 596_zps424264e4.png  photo 600_zpsfc10dbb1.gif  photo 597_zps4c2b3849.png  photo 634_zpsc950f2ff.png 14 - 18
Monsters University | Hercules
 photo 639_zps3bd15430.png  photo 629_zps5e972983.png  photo 630_zpsf70cb9c3.png  photo 633_zps0c2037de.png  photo 631_zps42f45884.png 19 - 23
 photo 637_zps0d83c194.png  photo 622_zps023fcb66.png  photo 642_zps50759cf4.png  photo 643_zps416f2700.png  photo 628_zps1acf9fe3.png 24 - 28
Hunchback of Notre Dame | Lady and the tramp | Mulan | Robin Hood | Alice in Wonderland
 photo 627_zps77aa23b6.png  photo 641_zpsa92a67b8.png  photo 604_zps3abf070b.png  photo 607_zpscabce19e.png  photo 605_zps184ce6b2.png 29 - 33
Alice in Wonderland | Harry Potter
 photo 606_zps5f01e53d.png  photo 587_zpsb00e25de.png  photo 611_zps1a2adfe0.png  photo 614_zps62e91f7e.png  photo 615_zpscfa06671.png 34 - 38
Harry Potter
 photo 649_zpsae3d76c6.png  photo 635_zps664bea2e.png  photo 610_zps08f412e7.png  photo 619_zps489d3e1f.png  photo 618_zpsf4b7028d.png 39 - 43
Harry Potter | The Hunger Games
 photo 616_zps7504e791.png  photo 613_zps9302fa56.png  photo 620_zps3e265a60.png  photo 644_zps223e8e48.png  photo 608_zpsbae8aaf1.png 44 - 48
The Hunger Games | The Hobbit: the desolation of Smaug |  The silver linings playbook

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