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24 December 2013 @ 05:00 pm
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TV SHOW: game of thrones (06) | pushing daisies (02) | nikita (01)
harry potter (02 | the hunger games (04) | robin hood (02)
up (01) | jurassic park (04)

 photo 501_zpsdf892647.png  photo 511_zps27c47fec.png  photo 571_zps768b64aa.png  photo 494_zps421e44d3.png

Woh, It has been 5 months since my last post! :o I hope you enjoy it.

 photo 499_zps2a9bd725.png  photo 501_zpsdf892647.png  photo 508_zpsb79435f6.png  photo 503_zpsefb1f0b5.png  photo 504_zpsd7adefe0.png 01 - 05
game of thrones
 photo 505_zps3b7075d5.png  photo 497_zps22f85833.png  photo 511_zps27c47fec.png  photo 574_zps97d7be61.png  photo 000_zps539e11d9.png 06 - 09
game of thrones | pushing daisies | nikita

 photo 566_zpse36070b4.png  photo 567_zps53e09ef6.png  photo 569_zpsd9b59139.png  photo 571_zps768b64aa.png  photo 572_zps8dea5ba3.png 10 - 14
harry potter | the hunger games
 photo 573_zps6ac3731c.png  photo 518_zpsd1324601.png  photo 494_zps421e44d3.png  photo 568_zps5cfe13a2.png  photo 584_zps218a299c.png 15 - 19
the hunger games | robin hood | up | jurassic park
 photo 581_zps81d4ef2d.png  photo 580_zps5109257a.png  photo 583_zpsacf5fc17.png  photo 000_zps539e11d9.png  photo 000_zps539e11d9.png 20 - 22

jurassic park

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a random javascript function: sam green tinytextjsfunction on January 4th, 2014 08:33 pm (UTC)
WOW, everything here is just incredible *__* I can't believe how amazing your compositions are in particular, every single blocking icon here is a masterpiece. And the colors are stunning too, from the neon colors in 10 to the deep turquoise in 1 and the muted pale tones in 15. My very favorite is probably 2 cause the composition is seriously super creative, and the lighting gives it a perfect mysterious look, and the little pop or red really complements the greens, just, everything is flawless about this icon ♥
amazing work!! (and sorry this comment is so late)